Thursday, November 01, 2007

Global Warming it really?

Dwight Hornbecker, the only geologist I've even known, had some very interesting facts about global warming. They sound kinda crazy, but I wonder if they are true. Here is what he told.

  • One volcanic eruption can contribute to global warming more than what humans can do in an year
  • The earth was actually warmer than what it is now.
Dwight went onto explain that there is evidence to support that, a few million years ago the earth was a lot more warmer than what it is today. Then came the ice age. And he maintains that we are still recovering from the ice age and earth is slowly returning back to it what it was. Not sure whom to believe. Is it Al Gore and his crew or Dwight?

All I know is that humans haven't really figured it out yet. We think we do and try to mess around with nature, but I don't think we are even close at guessing/figuring out the real situation.

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