Thursday, June 07, 2007

He was a visionary.....

I think Sanjiva already blogged on this, but I feel obliged to do so as well.
If not for his efforts and most importantly his vision, Sri Lanka would not have progressed this far in IT. Especially his efforts in the university circuit opened the doors for many kids who otherwise would have missed the opportunity to study IT. I have met him once or twice at (ICT) Institute for Computing Technology at the Colombo university while I was a student when we were organizing an IT exhibition. If I am not mistaken, the ICT itself was his brain child. He was a pioneer in getting the ".lk" domain name.
Sometimes his work was disrupted by political pressure from various sources which didn't like the contributions the he was making. However he continued to push towards his vision until his last breath.
Well done sir!!!! You made us all proud.