Monday, January 01, 2007

I am gratefull to see the new year !!! (Please wear seat belts)

I am extreamly gratefull and feel blessed to see the new year considering the motor vehicle accident, I was involved with on the 30th Dec 06. It a was multi-vehicle accident (1 van and 3 cars) that was nothing short of a miracle considering every person involved made it through with only whiplash and one person with mild shock.
It was a routine grocery trip to costco and we were heading back home. I stopped at the lights with just one vehicle in front of us. I heard a bang behind us and before I could even think about it there was a massive bang and our car was violently thrust forward and rear ended the car in front of us. As it turned out a van had rear ended the car behind us and that in turn rear ended our car.
When I looked around I saw the car that hit us has rolled into the ditch beside the road. The car was squashed so bad I was expecting the worse. The van was thrown on to the lane right of us and has stopped parallel to us with the engine collapsed and fuel leaking towards our car.
I quickly got out and yelled to my wife to take the baby out of the car seat and we all moved on to the ditch as there was a risk of fire. The ememergency vehicles arrived in 5 mins and the firefightes took control of the situation.
All passengers were saved bcos of seat belts and considering the damaged to the rear of my vehicle I am glad that my daughter and wife were ok. Three vehicles including ours were totaled. Property can always be replaced but not human lives. So please wear seat belts and be alert when you are on the road.

Last year was the toughest of my life so far. It was also the year which I learned so much about life and realized how precious your family is. But I am proud of my fighting sprit and the effort to keep the ship steady through all the troubled times. Humans have a remarkable ability to adapt and fightback when the going gets tough.

Wish you all a Happy and a Blessed New Year.