Thursday, September 06, 2007

AMQP in 10 mins : Part0

From time to time people ask me what is AMQP? and how it is different from JMS? or why do we need another standard ..etc On the other hand the AMQP spec groups is finalizing it's work on the 0-10 version.

So I decided to write a series of blog posts titled "AMQP in 10 mins", where each part can be read and understood in 10 mins. I hope to write a part every working day, or more depending on my mood. Comments and criticisms are equally encouraged.

I am going to use the following terminology in my posts. Most of these terms have established definitions within the industry, but nevertheless I am specifying them for completeness.

Broker/Server :  Accepts connections and implements AMQP queuing and routing functionality

Client  :  Initiates a connection

Peer  :  Either party in a connection

Producer  :  A client that publishes messages

Consumer  :  A client that consumes messages

Message Queue  :  A named entity that holds messages in memory or disk

Message/Content  :  Application data

Durable  :  Entity survives a server restart

Transient  :  Entity doesn't survive a restart

Next Part, Part1 - Introduction.

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