Friday, February 09, 2007

Benchmark Wars

The recent posts by Paul, Dims and Dan have provided benchmarks pitting Axis2 vs XFire. I think that is a very good step and provides end users some good information. Also I would like if everybody provided the source code for these tests so non believers and end users can run it for themselves.

However, racist ranting with no performance numbers to back it up is not acceptable at all. If a person cannot explain a technical argument without subjecting him self to such a low level, then I don't think the rest of world should care.

Dan I welcome your effort to work out the performance numbers. That is the right approach. Healthy competition will only promote WS-* and help dispell the myth that SOAP is slow. If either Axis2 or XFire is slow in this round then let the respective teams make sure that they make an effort to beat the other in the next round. Now that is whats going to make each other better, not unwarranted racist comments that shows your sorry upbringing and publicly disgracing your parents.

However Dan I believe that most enteprise systems do care about RM and Security (Addressing too). So there will be SOAPHeaders. With more SOAP stacks supporting these specs there will be an increase in the adoption of these standards in the enterprise world and so IMHO the SOAPHeaders should be part of the performance tests. However I also recognize the need for being efficient in the POX case too. As Dan said the POX use case maybe a popular one with SME's. If Axis2 is lagging behind in that area then we as a team can work on the performance.

As for Hani, he is still motivated to spew out his garbage for the very same reason why Howard Stern is still in business. There is and will always be an audience for these type of people. Some would call it "Freedom of expression", others like me would see it as an abuse of the that very sacred principle.

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